• Passion, mindset, and motivation are a central part of who a person is. Skills and capabilities are developed. Outcome Capital prides itself on attracting the ‘right’ people, harnessing the knowledge and experience they arrive with, and actively working with them to expand their capabilities.

    Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD Managing Director, Outcome Capital

Outcome Capital recruits ambitious, enthusiastic individuals looking to join a growing investment bank that prides itself on its strategic customer philosophy and collaborative environment.

The Outcome team is composed of individuals with a variety of backgrounds — former CEOs, entrepreneurs, bankers, MBAs, and scientists — bringing together a diversity of outlooks, experiences, and knowledge. Outcome Capital fosters strategic thinking and personal input as well as individual career growth.

What does an Outcome Capital team member look like?

  • Adheres to the highest ethical standards
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Driven to secure success for clients
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment
  • Strategic, creative thinker
  • Dedicated to their co-workers
  • Have an enthusiasm to professionally grow and mentor others
  • Communicates clearly and professionally with clients and colleagues

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