• We are excited to add Outcome Capital to our list of industry partners for the Innovation Fellows Program. Providing experiential opportunities that bridge the gap between industry and academia is an important part of Partners’ mission and we are fortunate to work with companies such as Outcome that can offer such valuable, on-site training experience.

    Chris Coburn Chief Innovation Officer, Partners HealthCare

  • We are very pleased to collaborate with the professionals of Outcome Capital to broaden the exposure we can offer our students within these important and growing industry sectors.

    Michael Behnam, PhD Dean of Graduate Programs and Academic Affairs at the Sawyer Business School

  • We offer experiences in research, business, education, communication and policy, all within the biomedical arena. We are excited to strengthen our business career track with this new collaboration with Outcome Capital."

    Isabel Dominguez, PhD Director of Internship, Boston University's BEST Program

Learning, Mentoring & Knowledge


Outcome Capital is committed to the life science ecosystem and is passionate about supporting the development of  cutting-edge companies, professionals, and students by providing real-world experiential learning opportunities, through involvement in industry networks, mentoring programs and knowledge sharing. The aim of Outcome’s Internship Program is to prepare talented young individuals to become strategic thinkers and future leaders of the life science sectors.

Outcome Capital Internship Program: Real-world Learning

Outcome  Capital, in collaboration with leading academic institutions, has developed a highly experiential program to bridge the gap between academia and industry, to better prepare research fellows and business students for rapid and effective integration into the private sector, and to foster a recognized center of knowledge, creativity and strategic thinking.


Suffolk_logo_5c_metallic_gold Outcome Capital has established a collaboration with Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School to build a close relationship with top academic institutions where they can help foster business leadership and support management success.
Outcome Capital has established a collaboration with Boston University aimed at providing young scientists with real-world exposure to business challenges in the life sciences sector. The initiative will be part of Boston University’s NIH-funded BEST (Broadening Experience in Scientific Training) program (BU’s BEST), which aims to identify the needs of the current biomedical workforce and help trainees explore engaging and satisfying career options.
Outcome Capital has expanded the Outcome Capital Internship Program to include Partners HealthCare Innovation. The program will provide research fellows at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and McLean Hospital with exposure to the real-world intersection of business and science and an opportunity to experience the unique business challenges in the life sciences sector.



The Outcome team is composed of company builders, transactional experts and value creators with hands-on operational and investment experience, from a variety of backgrounds – – former CEOs, company founders, institutional investors, bankers, MBAs, and scientists.  Members of the Outcome team take pride in fostering the development of individuals throughout their careers by participating in a variety of formal and informal mentoring programs.

wib-logo WIB promotes leadership and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences. WIB-Greater Boston aims to foster the community of biotechnology professionals in New England while providing mentorship and professional development opportunities across the career continuum – from those just beginning their careers to industry veterans.
springboard-logo Springboard Enterprise’s mission is to promote women’s entrepreneurial development through alliances, partnerships and direct programming.
MIT_Sandbox-logo The MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program provides seed funding, mentorship, and tailored entrepreneurship education that empowers student innovators to explore, take risks, and prepare to launch. Each year, the program opens the door to entrepreneurship for undergraduate students, master’s students, and PhDs and provides a launchpad where they can strategize, experiment, and grow. It is a learning experience for all and a life-altering experience for many.


Industry Networking


MassBio is committed to advancing Massachusetts’ leadership in the life sciences to grow the industry, add value to the healthcare system and improve patient lives.   Founded in 1985, it leverages its unparalleled network of innovative companies and industry thought leaders to advance policy and promote education, while providing member programs, events, industry information, and services.


Knowledge Sharing

The Outcome Capital team has gained considerable knowledge through their more than 18 years of advisory, transactional, and hands-on operational experience within the life sciences and healthcare services sectors.   Our goal is to build a library of materials available to scientists, business men and women and students in an effort to share our diversity of outlooks, experiences and knowledge.

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