Outcome Capital is proud of our commitment and donation to philanthropic activities spanning life sciences and education for the advancement of science, medicine and the community. We are excited to partner with like-minded entities and support their goals and mission to improve the quality of life of underserved populations.


We are thrilled to partner with Jumpstart! This partnership will support year-round programming, helping to ensure children from underserved communities develop the core language, literacy, and social-emotional skills necessary for school readiness. Jumpstart and Outcome are driven by the fact that expanding access to high-quality educational opportunities to all young children prepares them for academic and economic success later in life. Programming seeks to transform the early childhood education field by:

  • Providing direct service to children in preschool classrooms in underserved communities
  • Training future leaders and building an experienced early education workforce
  • Advocating for public support and investment in high-quality early learning

Providing equal education opportunities to young children contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty


Early Childhood Education Philosophy and Approach

As part of Jumpstart’s mission to ensure children enter kindergarten prepared to succeed, members work to provide high-quality services to children through Jumpstart classroom service and planning. Jumpstart provides members with the training, coaching, and support to ensure that all of Jumpstart’s activities provide children with high-quality, developmentally appropriate experiences and supportive interactions with well-trained adults. Jumpstart programming supports the success of all children by:

  • Embracing a culturally competent approach to curriculum implementation that values diversity and children’s unique strengths, language backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Utilizing developmentally appropriate practice, including facilitating intentional powerful interaction and positive guidance strategies.
  • Engaging children in playful learning experiences with an emphasis on valuing children’s emotions, voices, and perspectives.
  • Holding all children to high expectations while striking a balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning.
  • Supporting children’s development of oral language and social-emotional skills in an inclusive environment where children feel safe, valued, respected, seen, and heard.


As a result of the additional support they receive, Jumpstart children:

  • Make 1.5X greater gains in literacy skills than non-Jumpstart children
  • Are 2X more likely to score high for social-emotional skills


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