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Neurovascular Device Market Poised For Growth

Not long ago, tPA was the only front-line treatment for acute ischemic stroke. But a second generation of mechanical thrombectomy devices, including stent retrievers and aspiration-based reperfusion devices, has demonstrated significant efficacy against ischemic stroke, providing the impetus for renewed device innovation and new care delivery strategies.

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Recurring Mistakes (And Remedies) For Life Sciences M&A

Life science management teams fall victim to recurring mistakes and entrapments.  This article discusses avoidable missteps in M&A transactions and their respective remedies.

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Attracting Venture Capital in the Life Sciences Industry: a Data-driven Approach

Seeking venture capital (VC) financing for a young life sciences company is often a difficult and frustrating job, sometimes taking many months and too often ending fruitlessly.

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How Cognitive Bias Undermines Value Creation in Life Sciences M&A

Life Sciences mergers and acquisitions are typically based on perceived future value rather than objective financial parameters.

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Who’s Driving the Liquidity Event?

In a hard-hitting expert view piece, Dr Oded Ben-Joseph and Dr Shawn Manning, from investment bank Outcome Capital, advise on how life science companies can achieve shareholder objectives without falling into some common traps.

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Platforms versus Products in the Life Sciences Sector

In an expert view piece, Dr Oded Ben-Joseph and Dr Shawn Manning, from investment bank Outcome Capital, advise on how life sciences companies can curtail risk by allocating time and money in a capital-efficient manner.

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Where the Bodies Lie

As members of a life sciences advisory and investment banking group, my partners and I have often noted that life sciences companies fall victim to the same mistakes and misconceptions, repeated again and again. These failures mostly hinge upon company management misunderstanding the fundamentals of market dynamics and failing to appreciate the importance of the exit…

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Business Success in the Life Sciences: an Investment Banker’s Perspective

We spent considerable time talking with biotech and pharma companies as well as academic research labs throughout the UK. Our aim was to get a more in-depth understanding of the local industry, its strengths, weaknesses and particular needs…

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