• Through every step of the engagement, from strategic positioning to closing, Outcome Capital far exceeded expectations. Outcome’s team are knowledgeable advisors with unique domain expertise across the value chain. I wouldn’t look further than Outcome for any life science transaction.

    Chris Mathia CEO, Innara Health

  • With the assistance of Outcome’s recognized expertise in the biomedical field, GenePOC was able to devise and communicate a market-aligned strategy leading to the completion a transaction efficiently and effectively. We are very pleased with the way Outcome supported us throughout this process.

    Patrice Allibert, PhD CEO, GenePOC

  • The Outcome team did an incredible job. It was a complex sale involving the separation of the division from the parent and a highly complex financing structure. I have been involved in over 100 M&A transactions involving every major investment banking group in the US. The Outcome team were the most tenacious and skilled investment bankers I have worked with.

    Mike Alston COO, Intelligent Decisions

  • They were extremely thoughtful and skillful negotiators, and it was a pleasure to work with them, and watch them at work. I recommend Outcome to my friends and colleagues, and hope to work with them successfully again.

    Victor Esch, PhD President & CEO, DNAe

  • Outcome Capital exceeded our expectations to add significant value to our transaction due to its strong knowledge of our kind of company, its attention to detail, its understanding of the market and its perseverance to get the transaction closed.

    Ann Holcomb President, SpecTal

  • Advanced Uro-Solutions engaged the services of Outcome Capital late in the process of being acquired. Outcome Capital took control of all further negotiations and masterfully increased the value of our final offering. The added value Outcome Capital was responsible for was 10 times greater than the value we invested in their services. Our only regret was in not bringing them on sooner. Arnie and Oded brought an amazing team of talented, organized and highly effective individuals. We could NOT have been more satisfied.

    John D Green, MD CEO, Advanced Uro-Solutions

  • I appreciate Outcome Capital’s persistence and desire to close the deal and provide me with a thorough understanding of the key issues throughout the process. At times, the decisions we made were critical, and being well-informed may have made the difference in achieving our successful result.

    Verle Hammond President & CEO, Innolog

  • I knew Outcome by reputation, and they were the only group I felt comfortable engaging with and trusting with this deal. What they provided exceeded my expectations not only in value, but also in their conduct and earnestness. It was a pleasure doing business with Outcome Capital.

    Andrew Ferrara Chairman, Boston Healthcare Associates

  • The Outcome Capital team did an incredible job for Object Pharma with a complex international license in the neurotoxin space. The Outcome team were extremely knowledgeable and skilled negotiators, and obtained the maximum possible value for us while maintaining a great working relationship with the other party for future transactions.

    Kenton Abel CEO, Object Pharma

Who We Are

Outcome Capital is a highly specialized life sciences and healthcare advisory and investment banking firm, providing innovative companies with a value-added, market-aligned approach to mergers & acquisitions, partnering and corporate finance. The firm leverages its proven ‘strategy-led execution’ approach to value enhancement by assisting management teams and their boards in navigating both financial and corporate markets and implementing the best path for success.

The firm’s strength stems from its multi-disciplinary, industry experts who draw from their broad relationships and a wide range of scientific, operational, strategic and transactional expertise across the value chain. Comprised of former CEOs, business development executives, venture capitalists, PhD/MD-level scientists and clinicians, and experienced commercialization experts, our team is driven to propel innovation from bench to bedside.

Outcome Capital is proud of its unique culture of intellectual agility and openness, data-driven perspectives, strategic thinking, and commitment to teamwork. We are devoted to providing unmatched advisory services to our clients and share an uncompromised dedication to the life sciences and healthcare industry success.

Outcome Capital is a proud member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council

Outcome Capital recognizes that the life sciences marketplace evolves rapidly as revolutionary ideas that once held ‘future promise’ come to fruition.

From advances in personalized medicine and diagnostics to transformations in medical devices and digital health — not only are clinical workflows changing but also the financial landscape and fluid interplay between life science sectors. The Outcome Capital team is dedicated to following the most recent scientific advancements as well as understanding their implications on market dynamics. The unmatched combination of scientific backgrounds and business acumen of Outcome professionals ensures they see the value of their clients’ businesses, not only in today’s market but also the future potential, enabling them to maximize value for their clients. Outcome Capital is a trusted partner to innovative companies providing M&A, private equity financing and advisory services in life science and healthcare markets.

  • Pharma/Biotech
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Life Science Tools and Research
  • Digital Health
  • Healthcare Services
  • Telemedicine/Remote Patient Monitoring

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The Outcome Capital Difference

Creating Extraordinary Outcomes.
Maximizing your company’s value by bringing…


Unique Insights

Unique Insights

The diversity and breadth of the backgrounds of Outcome professionals enable them to understand their clients’ businesses while bringing a fresh outside perspective.

In-Depth Industry Experience

In-depth Industry Experience & Networks

Partner–driven teams of transactional experts, company builders, and value creators with hands-on operational and investment experience as well as broad networks of relationships with strategic decision makers and institutional investors.

Personal Commitment to Clients

Personal Commitment to Clients

Dedication from the top down to provide a superior client experience and exceed client expectations.

Exceptional Record of Success

Exceptional Record of Success

An extensive track record of success in developing value-based strategies and corporate positioning towards achieving successful transactions.



Supporting the development of businesses, professionals, and students within the communities they serve by providing real-world learning opportunities, mentoring programs and knowledge sharing.

The Outcome Approach

Strategy-Led Execution

Outcome Capital takes a unique market-driven approach to identify key value and risk drivers and to align business and strategic objectives with financial transaction opportunities. To maximize value creation for our clients, we combine our extensive knowledge of specific vertical markets with a broad understanding of investment banking best practices. An integral piece to our approach is forming a collaborative partnership with our clients at all levels to gain an in-depth understanding of every aspect of their business and the market landscape in which they compete.

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