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BOSTON–Outcome Capital, a highly specialized life sciences and healthcare advisory and investment banking firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Innara Health by a Fortune 500 company, in conjunction with the nation-wide launch of the next generation NTrainer System 2.0, the only medical device designed to improve premature and newborn infants’ development of oral coordination skills, and dramatically reduce neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) length of stay. The acquisition follows a partnership with the company, which was also advised by Outcome Capital.

“It has been a long, and exciting, journey with Innara Health and the NTrainer. And it has always been our dream to have our device sold and marketed in the hands of a larger multinational strategic player who is best positioned to make a demonstrable clinical impact. The strategic counsel, sector transactional experience and financial sophistication Outcome provided was nothing short of outstanding.” said Chris Mathia, Director Product & Solutions Marketing and former CEO of Innara Health.

The compact, highly portable, and digitally integrated NTrainer system provides the acquirer with access to a new market category and enables their franchise to provide a full spectrum of premium neonatal feeding and nutrition services and products. “This build-to-buy scenario typifies the work we strive for at Outcome Capital: bringing together innovative new technologies and large-scale commercial efforts via strategic transactions, allowing for success on all fronts. It was a pleasure to work with Chris and his team, and I am excited to see the acquirer succeed in bringing this important technology to the patient.” Said Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD, MBA, and Managing Partner of Outcome Capital.

Innara Health’s NTrainer System continues to be the only FDA cleared medical device focused on improving critical key pre-feeding skills in newborns and preterm infants known as non-nutritive suck (NNS). The development of NNS enables the successful transition from feeding tubes to breast or bottle and is a developmental milestone for preterm infants as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as criteria for discharge from the NICU.

The NTrainer has provided therapy for thousands of patients in Neonatal Intensive Care Units and rehabilitation facilities throughout the United States. The next-generation NTrainer is expected to be available mid-Q4 2022.

About Outcome Capital
Outcome Capital (outcomecapital.com) is a highly specialized life sciences and healthcare advisory and investment banking firm, providing innovative companies with a value-added, market-aligned approach to mergers & acquisitions, partnering and corporate finance. The firm leverages its proven ‘strategy-led execution’ approach to value enhancement by assisting management teams and their boards in navigating both financial and corporate markets and implementing the best path for success. The firm’s strength stems from its multi-disciplinary, industry experts who draw from their broad relationships and a wide range of scientific, operational, strategic and transactional expertise across the value chain. Comprised of former CEOs, business development executives, venture capitalists, PhD/MD-level scientists and clinicians, and experienced commercialization experts, Outcome’s team is driven to propel innovation from bench to bedside.

About Innara Health
Innara Health is a leader in feeding health technology and is dedicated to advancing the global understanding and improvement of neonatal feeding. In working towards this goal Innara Heath has developed the FDA cleared NTrainer System®. The NTrainer is an advancement for oral feeding development as it fosters skills essential to the normal development of oral feeding for premature and newborn infants. Innara Health continues to work towards creating cutting edge products that improve standards of care, optimize patient outcomes, and increase healthcare benefits for feeding health.

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