$35,000,000 Senior Credit Facility for Opinion Research Corporation

Placement Agent for Opinion Research Corporation

Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) is a leading professional services firm providing analytical research services to government and corporate clients. ORC had revenues of approximately $200 million in 2006 with most of that revenue coming from its government business unit. Some of the value-added services provided by the Company across these two business units include: sophisticated statistical analysis, survey and market research; campaign design, planning, and evaluation; advanced web services; systems analysis and integration; and database management. The Company’s unique integration of research services, consulting, training, IT capabilities and program content knowledge enable the Company to gather data using sophisticated methodologies, implement actions and use IT to provide a comprehensive approach to solving client problems.  ORC was a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: “ORCI”) before it was sold in December 2006.

In 2004, Outcome Capital was retained to refinance ORC’s senior debt.  Outcome Capital conducted a process that resulted in ORC receiving $35 million of financing from Citizens Bank, a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland. The senior financing refinanced the senior debt put in place by Outcome Capital in 1999 with Heller Financial. Horizon Bank joined Citizens Bank in the financing as a participant.

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