$65,000,000 for Opinion Research Corp, $50,000,000 Senior Credit Facility and $15,000,000 Subordinate Debt with Warrants

Placement Agent for Opinion Research Corporation

Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) is a respected brand name in business market research. The company helps numerous Fortune 500 clients with brand positioning and customer retention studies that are frequently conducted on a multinational basis. ORC uses traditional survey and sampling techniques to identify customer preferences and attitudes regarding a client company’s products. ORC uses sophisticated mathematical modeling to conduct its surveys, which has also proven to be valuable in its telemarketing operations that focus on outbound customer acquisition for large companies. ORC became interested in acquiring Macro because of complementary nature of Macro’s service offerings.

ORC retained Outcome Capital to find the necessary capital to close the Macro acquisition. Heller was selected to lead a bank syndicate that would provide up to $50 million of senior debt. Allied Capital provided a $15 million subordinated debt loan with warrants. The combined $65 million of financing enabled ORC to close the Macro acquisition and still have adequate working capital to continue to grow its business. ORC trades under the symbol “ORCI”.

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