Macro International Has Sold Its Business To Opinion Research Corporation

Exclusive Financial Advisor to Macro International

Macro International was a privately held company that had approximately $60 million in annual revenues. Most of its business was derived from performing research and evaluation services in connection with a wide variety of social services programs funded by the Federal Government. The company was one of the few major players performing these services within the Government niche. Macro also performed market research for private sector clients in the financial, telecommunications and consumer products vertical markets.

The Macro management team contacted and ultimately retained Outcome Capital after it had received a relevant industry research report from the firm. In its meetings with the Outcome Capital’s professionals, the company found a group that not only had a very strong background in the Government professional services market but also understood the market research industry. The company expressed a desire to have professional representation to assist them in structuring and implementing a process in which a small number of strategic buyers would have an opportunity to acquire the business. After conducting a formal process, Opinion Research, a public market research company, acquired Macro.

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