Dx Experts See Demand for OTC Self-Tests, Tempered by Lack of Reimbursement

In the immediate wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was initial enthusiasm that over-the-counter self-administered tests would see an upshot as some believed the widespread use of antigen-based COVID-19 tests would carry over to tests for other indication.

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Dx M&A Deals Decline as Industry Returns to Normal Post-COVID Boom

The diagnostics industry has finally completed its return to normal after three years of heavier dealmaking, as full-company mergers and acquisitions declined to pre-COVID-19 levels in 2023.

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With Pipeline of Syndromic Tests, Qorvo Eyes Emergence as More Than a COVID Company

Qorvo Biotechnologies said it is closing in on the launch of its point-of-care COVID-19 and influenza test as the firm works to expand its menu beyond COVID-19 and into syndromic panels and cardiac disease tests.

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As Pandemic Wanes, Firms That Rode C0VID-19 Testing Wave Struggle for Solid Footing

Companies that once rode high on the COVID-19 pandemic may now have to face the possibility of extinction in the coming years.

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Public, Private Dx Financing Wanes as Post-Pandemic Diagnostics Landscape Changes

After two years of basking in the spotlight and money flowing into the industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, financing for diagnostics companies has largely withered in 2022.

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Are SPACs Better Than Traditional IPOs?

Outcome Capital’s Managing Director Paul Mieyal, Ph.D., CFA was interviewed by BioSpace for his views on the recent popularity of SPACs in the biotech space.  The interview covers historical perspective, current market dynamics, and outlook for the next year.

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Amid Broader Market Pressures, Dx M&A Deals See Downturn in First Half of 2022

COVID-19 brought significant attention and investment to the diagnostic industry. Coming out of the pandemic new pressures and challenges await. Director Craig Steger shares his views and insights on how firms must be strategic and agile in this new paradigm.

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Dx IPOs Plummet, SPAC Market Recedes Among Macroeconomic Difficulties

Managing Director’s Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD, and Paul Mieyal, PhD, were interviewed by 360Dx for their views on capital markets’ current receptiveness towards COVID diagnostics companies and the viability of SPAC’s for life sciences firms.

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Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World

Navigating uncharted waters, biotech investors, executives and entrepreneurs are finding unique challenges (and opportunities) in a COVID-19 world. Contributing author, Outcome Capital’s Dr. Oded Ben-Joseph, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Life Sciences Practice.

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BIO18: Pfizer’s Bourla on Volume vs. Value & a Little Dealmaking Advice from Outcome Capital

Partnerships and the move to value dominated the chatter at the BIO International Convention’s 25th annual partnering meeting on Monday in the life science hub of Boston.

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Active VCs vs. Zombies: Dysfunctional Boards That Mess With M&A

Investors want to know: Will Big Pharma go bargain hunting, do a little M&A? Will it lift my biotech portfolio out of the gutter? Multiple factors are always at work. At the most basic level, pharma still needs to acquire new products to stay afloat. Little biotechs who create things need to be acquired, or go public, to reward their investors. Those facts never change. But there’s another powerful, and dark, force creating havoc in many biotech boardrooms. People who have witnessed it don’t like to talk about it. When they do, it’s in hushed tones…

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