Biotech Startups: How to Succeed in a COVID-19 World

Navigating uncharted waters, biotech investors, executives and entrepreneurs are finding unique challenges (and opportunities) in a COVID-19 world. Contributing author, Outcome Capital’s Dr. Oded Ben-Joseph, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Life Sciences Practice.

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BIO18: Pfizer’s Bourla on Volume vs. Value & a Little Dealmaking Advice from Outcome Capital

Partnerships and the move to value dominated the chatter at the BIO International Convention's 25th annual partnering meeting on Monday in the life science hub of Boston.

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5 Things Every IT Services CEO Should Know

Information technology consulting and services companies come in all sizes and have a broad range of capabilities, making them a very attractive segment of the market. While these companies may be getting a lot of attention from investors, many business owners struggle with communicating what makes their company uniquely valuable and poised for growth.

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Active VCs vs. Zombies: Dysfunctional Boards That Mess With M&A

Investors want to know: Will Big Pharma go bargain hunting, do a little M&A? Will it lift my biotech portfolio out of the gutter? Multiple factors are always at work. At the most basic level, pharma still needs to acquire new products to stay afloat. Little biotechs who create things need to be acquired, or go public, to reward their investors. Those facts never change. But there’s another powerful, and dark, force creating havoc in many biotech boardrooms. People who have witnessed it don’t like to talk about it. When they do, it’s in hushed tones...

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