Outcome Capital and Boston University’s BEST Program Partner to Give Scientists Real-Life Experience in the Life Science Sector

June 21, 2017, Boston, MA.  Outcome Capital, LLC and Boston University’s BEST program announced today a collaboration aimed at providing young scientists with real-world exposure to business challenges in the life sciences sector. The initiative will be part of Boston University’s NIH-funded BEST (Broadening Experience in Scientific Training) program (BU’s BEST), which aims to identify the needs of the current biomedical workforce and help trainees explore engaging and satisfying career options. As part of this commitment, BU’s BEST is exposing trainees to a variety of career paths through internships.

Outcome Capital is a global investment banking firm that provides strategic and transactional advisory to boards and management teams seeking to carve out a path to liquidity or raise growth capital. “Our aim is to help bridge the gap between academia and industry, to better prepare Ph.D. and M.D.-level scientists for a more effective integration into the business world, and to make Outcome Capital a recognized center of knowledge and creative, strategic thinking,” said Oded Ben-Joseph, Ph.D., Managing Director, Outcome Capital.

“We are strongly committed to bringing novel technologies from the laboratory to the patient, and Boston University has long been committed to biomedical research and innovation,” added Dr. Ben-Joseph. “Our team is passionate about the biotech and medical technology sectors and excited to partner with BU’s BEST program to pass on to a new generation of business leaders the wealth of knowledge gained over our many years of advising and working closely with companies to enhance corporate value and implement the best path to success.”

Co-principal investigators of BU’s BEST, Linda Hyman, Ph.D. and Barbara Schreiber, Ph.D., are looking forward to the collaboration. “One of our aims is to offer our biomedical trainees opportunities to experience possible careers by providing internships and shadowing experiences,” said Dr. Hyman.

“These opportunities are designed so that Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers can experience a career to determine whether it is a good fit,” added Dr. Schreiber.

Isabel Dominguez, Director of the internship program with BU’s BEST commented: “We offer experiences in research, business, education, communication and policy, all within the biomedical arena. We are excited to strengthen our business career track with this new collaboration with Outcome Capital.”

During the internship at Outcome Capital, trainees will gain a broad exposure to life science technologies and transactions in a team environment. They will work collaboratively with Outcome personnel as well as company management to develop a clear value proposition and a strategic vision, definition of sector dynamics and paths to liquidity. These early career scientists will also assist in building market and revenue models and valuation, thus gaining exposure to the financial aspect of the industry.

“The Outcome Capital team has gained considerable knowledge through our more than 18 years of advisory, transactional, and hands-on operational experience with middle-market life science companies,” said Eilon Amir, Vice President, Outcome Capital. “The collaboration with Boston University is another step in our outreach program to build a close relationship with top academic institutions where we can help foster business leadership and support management success.”

About Outcome Capital

Outcome Capital is a unique investment banking firm that provides middle-market growth companies in the life sciences, health care services and technology markets with a value-added client-centric approach to merger, acquisition and corporate finance advisory services.  The firm utilizes its proven approach to value enhancement by assisting boards and management teams in navigating both the financial and strategic markets and in implementing the best path for success.  Outcome Capital’s strength stems from its unique ability to draw on its wide range of operational, strategic and private equity experience, its expertise across the value building life-cycle, and its broad industry relationships.  The professionals at Outcome Capital take pride in their ability to help their clients to make well-informed strategic decisions and recognize the full value created by their vision. For more information, visit: outcomecapital.wpengine.com.

About Boston University’s BEST

As one of 17 Broadening Experience in Scientific Training (BEST)  institutions chosen by the National Institutes of Health, Boston University is enhancing biomedical career development for Ph.D. and postdoctoral trainees in a way that enables career exploration and preparation across a broad range of careers.  BU’s BEST programing is informed by market needs. The BU’s BEST team works closely with industry partners to align our programing with actual biomedical workforce demands, ensuring that trainees are ready for the current as well as the future job market.  More information can be found at our website: www.bu.edu/best.


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