Outcome Capital and Partners HealthCare Innovation Collaborate through the Innovation Fellows Program to Provide Experience in the Business of Science

June 4, 2019, Boston, MA

Outcome Capital, LLC announced today that it has expanded the Outcome Capital Internship Program to include Partners HealthCare Innovation. The program will provide research fellows at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and McLean Hospital with exposure to the real-world intersection of business and science and an opportunity to experience the unique business challenges in the life sciences sector.

“We are deeply committed to bringing novel treatment modalities from the laboratory to the patient and to continue to contribute to Boston’s rapidly evolving life science ecosystem,” said Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD, Managing Director at Outcome Capital. “The aim of Outcome’s internship program is to bridge the gap between academia and industry and better prepare talented fellows to become strategic thinkers and future leaders of the life science sector.”

Fundamental to the Partners HealthCare Innovation Fellows Program is real-world experience. The program provides Fellows with broad exposure to the complexities and dynamics unique to the life science sector, including technologic, scientific and clinical challenges, as well as strategic quandaries and transaction structures for possible commercial deals. During a 6-month project, Fellows will work collaboratively with Outcome’s team to develop clear and well-articulated value propositions for cutting-edge companies and gain an understanding of the dynamics of specific life science sub-sectors.

“We are excited to add Outcome Capital to our list of industry partners for the Innovation Fellows Program,” said Chris Coburn, Chief Innovation Officer, Partners HealthCare. “Providing experiential opportunities that bridge the gap between industry and academia is an important part of Partners’ mission and we are fortunate to work with companies such as Outcome that can offer such valuable, on-site training experience.”

About Outcome Capital

Outcome Capital is a highly specialized life science and technology advisory and investment banking firm focused on merger & acquisitions and private equity financing. Outcome takes a highly strategic approach to advisory services, drawing from its in-house expertise across the value-chain to propel optimized outcomes for its companies. The firm utilizes its proven approach to value enhancement by assisting boards and management teams in navigating both the financial and strategic markets and in implementing the best path for success. Outcome Capital’s strength stems from its unique ability to draw on its wide range of operational, strategic and private equity experience, its expertise across the value building life-cycle, and its broad industry relationships. The professionals at Outcome Capital take pride in their ability to help their clients to make well-informed strategic decisions and recognize the full value created by their vision. For more information, visit: http://www.outcomecapital.com.

About the Partners HealthCare Innovation Fellows Program

Partners HealthCare Innovation is the global business development arm of Partners HealthCare. Its mission is the commercial application of the breakthroughs and unique capabilities of Partners’ 6200 Harvard affiliated faculty and staff to benefit patients worldwide.

The Innovation Fellows Program enables personnel exchanges between Partners hospitals and participating industry partners. Biopharmaceutical, device, venture capital, digital health, payors, investment banking firms and consulting firms engage with early career Harvard faculty and trainees from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital. Fellows gain the competencies they need to become future leaders in health care through experiential opportunities. The Innovation Fellows Program provides a rare opportunity for fellows to be immersed in collaborative, team-based projects in an industry setting. It is a Partners-wide program allowing for access to a deep pool of high caliber early career Harvard trained candidates. For more information, visit: https://innovation.partners.org/about/special-programs/innovation-fellows-program.

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