June 1, 2010, Baltimore, MD. DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. announced today that it has been chosen by Education Management Corporation — Online Higher Education (EDMC OHE) as their Online Marketing Agency of Record for all Online Marketing across all EDMC OHE brands (including South University Online, Argosy University Online, and The Art Institutes Online). EDMC OHE is among the largest providers of private post-secondary online education in North America. This agreement builds upon the existing LIVE Hot Transfers(TM) relationship between DoublePositive and EDMC OHE.

Founded in 2004, DoublePositive has expanded its offerings into the Education, Insurance, Mortgage, and Automotive industries. As the leading provider of LIVE Hot Transfers(TM) for sales organizations, DoublePositive broadened its offerings into Online Marketing Managed Services in 2009. The DoublePositive Marketing Agency of Record agreement with EDMC OHE follows a similar agreement with a national auto insurance carrier.

“Having developed a strong partnership with EDMC over the years, we are thrilled that our relationship has grown to encompass Managed Services for EDMC OHE and all of their brands,” said Sean Fenlon, CEO of DoublePositive. “We are deeply embedded within EDMC OHE in order to push their online marketing up and beyond best-practices.”

Any business that can add genuine value to this relationship between EDMC OHE and DoublePositive are asked to contact Casey Cook immediately at (410)991-4510, or casey@doublepositive.com.

About DoublePositive Marketing Group

DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. was founded in 2004 with the specific purpose of bridging the “last mile” of converting traditional (data-only) leads into sales. More primitive versions of marketing provide leads to sales professionals in data form, requiring sales professionals to work through the data themselves in order to find a genuinely interested and double-qualified consumer. DoublePositive has evolved the model of lead generation so as to provide sales professionals with a live, qualified, and interested consumer, along with the consumer’s data, all in real time.

By introducing an innovative new marketing concept, DoublePositive has became the immediate leader in next-generation Online Marketing solutions. DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc. is a privately-held and venture-backed company headquartered in Baltimore, MD, with a state-of-the-art call center network and lead generation affiliates nationwide.

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