Conveying our thoughts, insights, and strategies for success in the Life Sciences and Technology marketplaces

By: Oded Ben-Joseph, PhD, MBA

Outcome Capital

We founded our company, Outcome Capital, with the aim of offering advisory, transactional and operational advice to growing companies within the life sciences, health care services, and technology space.  We are a multi-disciplinary team of former CEOs, company founders, institutional investors and bankers, MBAs, and scientists with a wide range of operational, strategic and private equity experience and expertise spanning a variety of backgrounds. We are passionate about supporting the development of companies and their management teams, helping them to build successful businesses and to realize the greatest value of their efforts in their deals and exits. And after 18 years of business, it is our great desire to pass on to a new generation of business leaders the wealth of knowledge we have gained through our many years of advising and working with companies to carve out and follow their best path to success.

We intend to use this blog to convey our thoughts on a variety of business and management topics. These will include practical advice to CEOs and business development professionals on transactional pitfalls and strategies for success. We will discuss specific case studies arising from our experiences in advising growing companies on their development efforts, corporate transactions, and exit strategies. We will also share our thoughts on specific markets and evolving business opportunities, as well as on recent industry events and what executives can learn from them.

We hope you find our posts over the coming weeks entertaining and enlightening.


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