• I was impressed by Outcome Capital’s thoughtful M&A strategy and process, which stemmed from their ability to capture the complexities of Beryllium’s scientific and business value propositions.

    Johan Pontin CEO, Beryllium Discovery

  • Outcome Capital exceeded our expectations to add significant value to our transaction due to its strong knowledge of our kind of company, its attention to detail, its understanding of the market and its perseverance to get the transaction closed.

    Ann Holcomb President, SpecTal

  • Advanced Uro-Solutions engaged the services of Outcome Capital late in the process of being acquired. Outcome Capital took control of all further negotiations and masterfully increased the value of our final offering. The added value Outcome Capital was responsible for was 10 times greater than the value we invested in their services. Our only regret was in not bringing them on sooner. Arnie and Oded brought an amazing team of talented, organized and highly effective individuals. We could NOT have been more satisfied.

    John D Green, MD CEO, Advanced Uro-Solutions

  • The Outcome team got fully up to speed with all aspects of our technology and business, and could pitch our company’s story, and value proposition, as well as anyone. They researched a full list of potential acquirers in order to target those with high potential, and articulate the true value proposition for each target in very clear terms.

    Victor Esch, PhD President & CEO, DNAe

Outcome Capital offers unparalleled expertise in advising clients on M&A transactions.

Through the diverse backgrounds of our professionals, we are able to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, the markets in which they operate, and the impact of current macroeconomic conditions that inform and influence the appropriate strategic alternatives. We understand that each client engagement is unique and design a strategic path forward for each client that is not only specific and actionable but also one that will meet or exceed their objectives and expectations.

Seller Representation

Outcome Capital’s understanding of trends, value drivers, and recent buyer behavior within their clients’ industries enables them to develop a realistic plan, based on an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and strategic universe, towards value enhancement.

Outcome believes their unique ‘strategy-led execution’ approach maximizes each transaction’s potential outcome. This approach involves:

  • Developing a clear value proposition that details company-specific key value and risk drivers through a customized, market-driven approach
  • Developing a strategic pathway to liquidity by evaluating the relationship between time, money and value-inflection milestones, and offering guidance on how these affect both valuation and terms
  • Aligning company objectives with sector dynamics and transaction opportunities from a variety of strategic angles
  • Precisely identifying and carefully approaching selected buyers with clear and mature value proposition

Buyer Representation

Outcome Capital assists buyers in developing a realistic and achievable acquisition program, performs effective searches to identify and dialog with potential target companies, identifies the most appropriate sources of financing, and helps execute transactions. Based on our industry contacts and knowledge, our bankers are able to suggest specific ideas for business combinations that may not be readily apparent and quickly and efficiently determine whether a transaction is feasible. Outcome Capital understands that executing a successful acquisition strategy requires the combination of well-developed strategic goals with strong transactional experience.

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